25. Anniversary and Xabi Solano concert


It has already been 25 years since the London Basque Society was founded and as special moments are usually celebrated with special celebrations, Euskal Etxea will offer a concert by Xabi Solano at the Goodinge Community Center on June 3rd.

Xabi Solano needs little introduction. We have all listened and danced at many parties (including our own) to his songs created in groups like Etzakit and Esnebeltza.

In addition to the concert, we will have many Basque products to taste from Zooteek.

Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the live performance of one of the most prominent artists in the Basque music scene!


Jun 03 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Goodinge Community Centre
2 Goodinge Rd, Market Estate, London N7 9EW